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Work as Worship

For Christians who also happen to be business professionals, faith and work don’t often intersect. The connection between faith and work is not always obvious, but it is a God-given calling to make them connect. The Bible is full of examples of people living their daily lives on an eternal mission, weaving together their faith and work in their everyday lives. Like the men and women of the Bible, God designed Christians to worship AND work together. RightNow Media is passionate about seeing the two brought back together, which is why the Work as Worship Retreat was organized.


We invite you to join thousands of Christian business professionals from around the world for a one-day livestream event — the Work as Worship Retreat — to hear from experts on connecting  faith and work.  We encourage you to bring your friends, your bosses, and your coworkers to attend this life-transforming, one-day retreat together.


God gives every person their talents and skills so that through them we might worship him. The Work as Worship Retreat is an opportunity to connect our talents and skills back to our daily worship through work.


For more details about the retreat, go to  See the invitation below to register today!






What: Live-Stream of RightNow Media’s Work as Worship Retreat


Where: Nazareth Evangelical Lutheran Church

7401 University Avenue, Cedar Falls, Iowa


When: Friday, February 22, 2019, from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.


To Register: Go to


Cost: $30 per registration — Breakfast, Snacks and Lunch served!


Nazareth Evangelical Lutheran Church

7401 University Avenue

Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613

Phone: 319-266-7589