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Church Council

Our church council is essentially the governing body of Nazareth Evangelical Lutheran Church. There are 9 members, plus the Senior Pastor.  Each person (excluding the Pastor) is voted to 3 year terms. Each year, at our annual meeting, 3 new members are voted in, so there is some continuity in leadership and mentoring by the out-going members of the group. This group of people is very dedicated to Nazareth, it's vision, and mission. Below are their names and email addresses by which you can contact them regarding issues that you may wish to be discussed at the next meeting. Each meeting is held on the 2nd Tuesday night of each month and congregational input can be received at 7 p.m.  Please email if you have questions regarding the upcoming Church Council meeting schedule.

Nazareth Church Council Members

Matt Reisetter

Dave Welter

Bill Zimmerman

Kevin Hansen

Jill Hanus, President

Beth Harris, Secretary

Haley Andersen, Treasurer

Larry Steffens, Vice President

Leonard Upham

Brian King, Senior Pastor

Nazareth Church Council Members (from left to right)


Leonard Upham, Kevin Hansen, Larry Steffens, Haley Andersen, Dave Welter, Jill Hanus, Bill Zimmerman, Beth Harris, Pastor Brian King


Not Pictured:  Matt Reisetter

The Nazareth Nominating Committee is seeking members who would like to serve on the Nazareth Church Council.  Individuals should demonstrate a Christ-like fruit of the Spirit in their lives; a Biblical character and mature spiritual leadership; a commitment to embrace and live into the Nazareth Mission Statement; and a willingness to share unique personal gifts, competencies, passions, and experience within the framework of a God-honoring group discernment process.  If you are interested in becoming a nominee for Church Council or if you would like to nominate someone, please contact Pastor Brian King at 319-266-7589, ext. 130.